99.5% Complete Honey Cowl ^_^


So, I took pictures for today’s post. Annnd then 2 minutes cast off one of the projects I had just photographed.

I’ll get FO pictures soon, haha. But for nowwwww… here is the 99.5% complete picture :-P

Color just makes me happy. Especially *that* kind of color. Colors that are extremely vibrant. The don’t go together, but they do at the same time. And that random color that is always thrown in in every ball of Noro.

*wiggles* Color is awesome ^_^

(and yes. That’s an owl eraser. And it’s *that* awesome :-P)

That earflapped-Steven West hat thing for someone’s Christmas present is going along really well :-)

During the spring/summer I got used to knitting everything (and I mean *everything*, haha) on size 7 and smaller.

This hat? Size 10. Booyah. It’s definitely an “aaaaaaahhhhh ^_^” moment, haha :-P

Also. Important things for during school….

…that Dr.Pepper keeps popping up… heh heh ^_^


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