Blocking, Store Sample, Christmas, and NORO ^_^

Blocking is in progress ^_^ Always a happy thing. Makes me feel accomplished.

Yes. It’s all happy ^_^ The construction, I’m a bit… worried about. Because, looking at the instructions, it seems a bit confusing. I bet it’s just me being paranoid about it not working out though. …or something, haha.

Knitting wise, on this particular project, I have a little knitting left… the neck lace thing, that’s knit separately and then attached during the construction. And then there’s a little neck band on top of this neck lace thing.

But we’ll see how it goes :-P Last time I thought something was going to be complicated, I was totally 100% wrong. Soooo yep :-P

*Store Sample Update* ^_^

Going along swimmingly. Lots of back and forth… nothing complicated at all. The only thing that was like.. a itty bit tricky was the little ribbed section that creates the loop hole thing, for the other side of the scarf to go through. But it was easy peasy. Nothing new at all.

*Christmas Present Update*

Yep, it’s a hat. Yep, those are earflaps. Yep, it’s gonna be awesome. Causeeee…not only does it have earflaps, it’s gonna have cables. ANNND… it’s a Steven West pattern ^_^ And you all know how much I love his patterns, haha :-P

But that’s all I’m gonna say. Cause I still want it to be a surprise :-P I mean.. It *is* a Christmas present :-P

*More Personal Knitting Update*

I’m gonna state the obvious ONCE MORE. And say that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE NORO. There, I said it. ….again…. heh heh :-P

This is the Honey Cowl, by MadelineTosh. (there’s the link to download the pattern for free. SO AMAZING!!) Annnnd, I love it. It’s so easy, like. so easy. But it’s not just like plain knitting (though, that would be cool too. Anything with Noro would be *uhmazing*)

So yeah, the pattern definitely has some interest and some cool stuff in it. It’s good mindless knitting :-P


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