How I was Mauled by a Fuzzy Purple Muppet

I didn’t realize how much knitting can get done if you’re reading something…

And even though I already knew this, it’s still really cool… but I remember a whole lot more, if I knit while I do stuff… that allows me to knit, haha.

So, Lorimer? I’m… around..85% complete. I finished the other side about 20 minutes ago. And, attached the two fronts to the back. Next comes to pockets! Annnnd then I’ll probably block it.

the pattern doesn’t say to block it… but it’s rolling pretty badly, so I’ll go ahead and do it anyway… probably.

Because I finished that.. and still had a bunch of reading to do. I dove back into one of my huge UFOs/WIPs bags to find something that was almost, if not completely, knitting. Not pattern, no shaping, no nuffin.

And I found Snowbird (by Heidi Kirrmaier)! Which I’m calling Blackbird, cause…my yarn isn’t white. Oooor anything close to white, haha.

Annnd it’s perfect for reading. At the moment, I have to knit till the body is 31cm (around 12 and a bit inches) from the underarm. Then I start the pockets (haha, lots of pockets..)

One thing that I noticed about Blackbird.. that I had forgotten about, but I remember finding this out.. BUT.

Out of the whatever balls I got, there was one odd ball, from a completely different dye lot. *all the knitters gasp with horror* Yes, a different dye lot.

Sadly, it’s kinda…obvious. And, I didn’t realize that one was different until I had knit the entire ball, and gotten way past it. *headdesk*

I thought it was only in the back, and after thinking about it… I decided it looked kinda cool. It’s this lighter stripe of purple in the back. It adds character, so I’m cool with it.

But upon looking at the sleeves…

One sleeve is one shade. and the other is another shade. -_-

Only relatively annoying, haha. (it’s kinda hard to tell in that picture. But trust me, it’s really obvious.)

Thankfully, I think the sleeves were picked up at the top, and knit down. So if I were to take it out (which I think I will, cause it looks absolutely ridiculous, haha), it shouldn’t be *that* hard.


Heh heh… let’s be optimistic… it’s always a good thing, right? :-P

I also forgot how much this yarn sheds while knitting with it. Which isn’t a huge problem.

But, when wearing a white shirt… I’d rather not look like I was just mauled by some huge, fuzzy, purple muppet. Or something like that.

So in general, I’m feeling pretty good about working on my UFOs/WIPs… when I get to the ones that do have a pattern and do have shaping, that won’t be as cool…cause then I can’t work on them while I read. BUT, it’ll be all good.



One thought on “How I was Mauled by a Fuzzy Purple Muppet

  1. jenyjenny says:

    Beautiful blackbird. I’m sort of bummed to find out that people–not just a knitting savant, but people–can knit while reading. I wouldn’t be able to, although I want to be able to! I can’t even watch TV and really get much out of the show, if there’s a lot of counting to do in a pattern. :( But maybe it will be possible for me someday when I get more practice in! That could be the answer, more practice!

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