You know it’s a long time, when you can’t remember when you started a project.

Sadness has definitely struck. That purple thing I was so excited about finishing? And how I said I only had like 20 rows left till I’d be done with it?

Well… that was stupid, haha.

When I went to take out what I thought I had to take out… I looked at it more carefully, and realized that I actually had to go back farther… in order to fix my mistake.. I still don’t know if it’s me or the pattern. But oh well.

Sooo, after I figured out that I had waaaay more than 20 rows left that needed to be fixed, I went into knitting depression.. and it was bad, haha.

Therefore. I decided. That I’d forget about the purple thing (which I’m now affectionately calling “Mrs. Tweedy”, haha.) and work on something else.

Which is totally ok. Cause, I mean, I didn’t start anything new. Working on old WIPs. UFOs, whatever you wanna call them, haha.

And I ended up working on two different things. One Christmas project. That realllllly needs to be finished, haha.

It’s… going to be a blanket. And that’s all I’ll say, cause… it *is* going to be a Christmas present. Annnnd yeah ^_^

And then something that’s not Christmas related. And also realllllly needs to be finished :-P

I started this… at.. the beginning of the year…maybe? Haha, I forget. It’s been awhile, heh heh.

I’m making Lorimer by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

With some yarn that I won, actually. I forget why I won it, heh heh. But..yeah.

But yeah, I finished the left front while reading history. Annnnd, I’m maybe 35% done with the right front. Which.. I’m not sure what that leaves left, but whatever it is.. it’s not much, haha :-P

Why is this project amazing.

1) it’s almost like.. completely stockinette. In other words, perfect for working while reading history, chemistry, health, math, rhetoric, great books… pretty much any subject that requires reading.

2) it’s got pockets. With buttons on top of the buttons. Who can go wrong with that??

3) it’s red. and the variegation is amazing. (not only is it handspun, it’s hand-dyed. Double win.)



and that’s why it’s so awesome, haha.


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