Goodbye Summer, Hello School…

and so. begins my senior year (yeah, messed up with my age. I already know, haha. you don’t need to point it out.)

I’m excited. Sad…ish. Happy. Looking forward to the knitting I’ll get done, haha.

So today is Labor Day… the last day before school officially starts tomorrow, haha. With everything… not just online classes..cause those started last week.

Today. I’m not sure what it’s going to hold. Hopefully knitting… and just kinda getting ready for tomorrow. *writes down assignments, and divides them between the days*

So organized, haha.

Knittingness: I’ve been definitely working on finishing all those WIPs I have laying around. IN FACT. I’m like… about 90% done with one. It’s like SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE.

But tragedy struck last night while I was putting it together. Annnnnd, I gotta rip back today, and add on another pattern repeat (which is only about 20 rows. Which is ok, cause they go pretty quickly.) then re-do the stuff I ripped out… :-/

I have no idea what happened… because I am 100% positive I followed the pattern and did what it said. Word for word.

…typo, possibly? I hope so, haha.

Anyways, besides the fact that one side is indeed longer than the other… it’s adorable. annnnd I can’t wait to wear it :-D

So many fun things have happened to me this summer, I can’t… even like.. begin to say how much fun it was. And the word “fun” doesn’t even begin to cover.. how awesome it was, haha.

But, this past weekend… starting on Friday, and ending on Sunday evening. Katie came for a visit ^_^

Which was just soooo cool :-P But it’s always fun to hang out with her.

Among many…crazily insane pictures…some where taken. that will remain epic. for forever.

Liiiike, that one. Hahahaha… aaaah, makes me laugh every time.

And then there were pictures which remain epic for forever for totally different reasons, haha.

I love my sissy. She’s the bestest <3

(also, today's Musical Monday is down below :-P)


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