Bye-Bye August….

It’s… almost the end of August.

This piece of factual craziness brings several items to my attention.

1) It is only…3 days till Saturday. Not counting today. AND, if you don’t count Saturday eitherrrrr.. it’s only *2 DAYS*…!!!!!

Can you tell? I’m like kinda excited. LIKE REALLY REALLY EXCITED. ^_^

2) Where in the world did the beginning of August go? Where’d July go…? Where did March go?? This year has gone by too quickly. The summer has gone by too quickly. Time is…confusing. Or intriguing, depending on your point of view, haha.

3) Back-to-schoolness is very much real. Especially…for the people who have already started, haha. Which is pretty much everyone, I think. But yeah, we haven’t started back yet. We’ll be going back after… next weekend, I believe. After Labor Day, or something. Which, I am excited for! …school starting, haha… not Labor day :-P

4) CHRISTMAS KNITTING!! The list of gifts for various people has already begun! I feel very accomplished. AND, some of the knitting for said gifts has already started as well *feels even more accomplished*

I have a couple things that I said I would make last year…but then never did. I have things that I have started for people, but never actually got around to finishing (*coughcough* like that cabled blanket *coughcough*)
and I have things that I have found…and decided that someone should get one…and I should get one as well. So, I’ll be knitting two…. haha.

Well, I’ll knit mine after Christmas, haha. So I can focus on gifts :-P

Quick little fun note… I made this hat. On a whim during on the the lectures.

Cast on my standard hat pattern, that I have stored away in mah brain. And made it a bit longer than normal (I’ve started a slouchy hat obsession recently. No idea why… but they are amazing.)

annnnd. I added a pompom ^_^

Stash yarn, too…which makes it *that* much cooler!

The yarn is Noro Taiyo. (which happens to be… 40% Cotton, 30% Silk, 15% Nylon, and 15% Wool. So it’s like…one of the really nice yarns for Houston weather. Especially when it comes to hats, haha. No one likes having a sweaty head, haha)

Annnd, I had had this left over ball from something for like forever…
and my mom threw it into my yarn care-package she sent while I was at camp :-p

I got another ball of Taiyo when we went to Yarntopia yesterday…I think it’s like one of Noro’s new colors. And it’s like SO AMAZING. it’s all like…blues, light blues, greens, browns, lime greens…and it’s just amazing.

I can’t wait to do something with it ^_^


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