Stephen West KAL and Prairie Fire!

Stephen West Mystery KAL time! *wiggles with excitement*

I’m wiggling for multiple reasons.

1) Mysteries are amazing. In every situation. Well…almost every situation, sometimes they aren’t so cool. BUT in general…they’re awesome, haha.

2) This is the first time I’ve actually *stuck* to a KAL…

Translation: KAL: Knit Along.
Definition: Little bits of a pattern are published over the span of a couple days/weeks/whatevers. And you slowly work on it with a bunch of other people.

So, I’m really…enjoying it :-P it’s fun to have an actual stopping point where I can’t go any further, haha.

3) It’s Stephen West, I mean…could you go wrong there? Seriously, that’s just awesomeness *right there*

*knitting girl fan moment* It happens…haha :-P

Anyways, we’re on …Clue 3, I believe. and the next one (and last one, I think) will be published on Monday! So it’s excitinggggg!

The rows are already ginormous, each clue definitely requires at least a week. Or half a week. Or whatever, haha.

I worked on the beginning parts of it during several of the lectures at Summit, so that was so much fun :-) I don’t think everyone understood that I didn’t know what I was making was going to look like. But oh well, it’s…rather a weird idea, I guess. Making something without knowing what it’s going to look like, haha.

Also, while I was at Summit, I got into the habit of working on only ONE thing at a time

(for those of you know me, or have seen my huge stash of WIPs (works in progress)… that’s like. there must be something wrong with me, haha.

But yes, I did only work on one thing at a time. Even though I had multiple things I could have worked on. (multiple hats, so it wasn’t like…anything big. Besides the shawl. But still. :-P)

Whether I’ll keep that habit up now that I’m home is a totally different matter, haha. I now have this HUGE and GINORMOUS (more than before, haha) to finish all the WIPs that are laying around, haha.

On a side note: I’m…writing up patterns! Obviously, not as I speak…and you read, haha. But I started one pattern…and I still have one more. So, PROGRESS!

During one of the lectures, I finished…something, I forget what, and happened to have extra yarn in my bag (thank GOODNESS. always carry around extra yarn..even if you think you won’t use it. Better safe than sorry :-P)

So I designed a fair isle hat.

And it’s uberly simple. And I’m sure there are probably other patterns like it.

But I didn’t use a pattern. and I’m happy with it.

Sadly, I do not have a FO (finished object) picture. Cause I gave it to one my new friends from Summit :-) (she’s the BEST <3)

But yep, that's…it, pretty much…on the hat. Baggy beanies are the best, just sayin'.


And let it be known that next Saturday. Some MORE THAN AMAZINGLY AWESOME PEOPLE are coming. Till Wednesday. So…like 5 ish days.

and there's also a dance practice on this said Saturday of arrival.

and these people have like this AMAZING BAND. Like, holy cow…you have no idea how cool they are. (and I'm totally not being biased here.) And they're going to be playing at said dance practice on Saturday. (but they also better be doing some dancing, *hinthint* :-P) *IS SO EXCITED*!!

But here is one of their songs…and I *extremely* recommend them :-P

And that's Prairie Fire :-)

and I can't wait to see them. Words…cannot describe my excitement ^_^


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