A Download of Summit and It’s Awesomeness

Summit post, here it is! Yesssss, accomplishment. (I’m also crossing things off my to-do list, so I’m feeling really good about myself, haha)

Summit was amazing. It was epic. It was wonderful. It was worth sitting through 72 hours of lectures. It was uplifting. It was encouraging. It was full of useful and interesting knowledge.

Would I go back again next year? HOLY COW, STINKIN’ YES.

So, what…exactly is Summit? It’s a Christian Worldview camp (this particular one, located in Manitou Springs, Colorado), where you listen to lectures about various topics (evolution, abortion, homosexuality, and various forms of government) from a Christian point of view. There are also lectures about things to apply to our lives (such as leadership, and the Biblical definition of being a man or a woman)

We learned how to support our own views and fight for them on college campuses and then in other settings.

We saw more of the other side of the arguments of these topics that had been talked about so much, but some of the things we learned hadn’t been said.

I learned that I didn’t know squat about some of those topics before. Now, I know what is actually going on…and how things are connected. What worldviews are, and how they affect other people’s and our own lives.

The whole Summit atmosphere supported asking questions, talking things out, learning more, and having a good time at the same time. And all of those things were so nicely squished into two weeks.

The staff, holy cow. They care about the students. They remember your name. They remember what some of your hobbies are. They treat you like equals. Best. stinking. staff. EVER.

The food? another holy cow. it was amazing…best camp food I’ve ever had. The kitchen staff (including the Dish Pit :-P) was absolutely amazing. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.

We had sports time every other day, where we all bused out to a big park where you had the choice to either 1) play speed volleyball. 2) play football. 3) play ultimate frisbee. 4) play basketball. 5) play tennis. 6) play soccer. or 7) just lay on the grass watching people run around playing various sports and get extremely into it.

Then on both Fridays, we had a cookout…so we were at the park for a longer amount of time, and had dinner out there. It. was. amazing.

This post barely even touches all the amazingness that came from Summit (and will always come from Summit) I could go ranting and raving about it for hours upon hours. But that would most likely result in many readers becoming so bored to death that they become ex-readers.

So. Dear readers. If you are thinking about Summit 2012. And are undecided…

You should go. Most definitely. It is expensive, unfortunately, but it’s so stinking worth it. Every single cent. All the time spent in the classroom too, is totally worth it. You can gain soooo much from it, it’s like… crazy.

the only sad thing was that I was away from Bertie (and my family, and my friends, and my bed, and our piano…and many other things) for a little more than 2 weeks. This was a sad deal. Was it worth it in the end?

Oh yeah.

Summit? That amazing worldview camp?

Yeah, it pretty much rocks my stinkin’ socks.

…not that my socks are stinky. But whatever.

O.o ….. ok, I’m going now, haha.


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