Musical Monday reminds me of Summit

Though I’ve said it too many times to describe a song…I’m going to say it again, just cause it’s true.

There aren’t any words to describe this song.

It reminds me of Summit. My new (STINKING AMAZING) friends from Summit. The lectures. The classroom. The lunch room. Bacon (yep, bacon). Sports time. And so many other things.

I miss Summit so much. it’s like not even funny.

I actually woke up at 3:30PM (central) time… Heh heh (what can I say? I was dead tired…haha) so yes.

Do not worry, I will definitely have a summit post. (though, I’ve said I’d post about some things…then never do. Do not let that …guide your opinion of whether I’ll post or not, haha.) I WILL DO IT. I promise.

I knit so much during Summit, it’s not even funny. Like…seriously.

I knit like 6 – 7 hours a day. If not more. So…yeahhhh. It was heaven ^_^ and not just because of knitting so much. Summit…GAH. Holy cow.

If you want to go to Summit, and can’t decide. DO IT. SERIOUSLY. DO IT! you won’t regret going. It’s worth every single bit.


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