Feather Extensions!

Yaaayyy! I got some feather extensions!

When we had the wonderful family vacation at the end of July…ish, and when we stopped by Dallas to see mah wonderful sissy…she had gotten a feather!

And I had just become a huge fan of them…like really really big. But was going to wait till after camp to get one, cause I was planning on doing it myself..

.. (using McLaughlin Designs: Knitting and Crochet Patterns DIY Feather Extensions instructions on how to put them in. Her blog is UBER UBER cute and makes me want to go and be really crafty and make lots of fun clips..and it’s just amazing. If you love blogs with crafty stuff, amazing pictures, really awesome layout, just general amazingly cuteness, or all of the above…you’d love McLaughlin Designs :-D)

And because I was planning on doing it myself, I would have had to order the feathers and the little crimp-y beads. Which would have taken a bit to get here, and would have arrived while I was at camp. Soooo, that’s why I was waiting, haha.

BUT. when we went to Dallas, Katie (my sister) and I were talking about hers, and she was like “Hey, mine was only 10$, let’s go get you one!”

So my mom, Katie, and myself, hopped into the car and went to where Katie got hers.

So I got some!

There are two stripy ones and one red one….soooo amazingly awesome. Katie got a striped one to go along with her other one.

But it was so easy, you could most definitely do it yourself…and I think I’ll be doing it to myself sometime in the later future. Just cause…I mean, it’s feathers. So awesome. And it’s not permanent.

It’s just a really cool way to jazz up your hair/your whole appearance without damaging anything, haha. Always a plus :-P

How long the extensions last varies from person to person, depending on what you do to your hair on a regular basis. But 4 weeks is usually the minimum, or so I’ve heard.

But if I wanted to take it out *now* (not that I do, but if I did) all I’d have to do is crimp the bead the other way and it comes out easy peasy.

I think Bertie wants one too :-P

But yes, if you’re thinking about getting one…I say GO FOR IT! They’re so cool and cute and just amazing :-P


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