I had forgotten how much I love cables.

Especially cables on hats. They make me happy

(many things make me happy. if you hadn’t noticed :-P)

The pattern is Habitat by BrooklyTweed

My yarn is Cascade 220 in…a dark green, I forget the colorway number, heh heh, I kinda lost the ball band. ^_^

Needles are US7 and US8…

it took me a little bit to get back into the hang of cables, cause I hadn’t done them in awhile. But once I got going, it was smooooth sailing.

I got more than halfway through Chart C in a day, which was niceeee. Lots of time in the car when I started it.

Also…things that make me happy..

stitch markers that look like waffles with butter and syrup on them. I got these at K1 Knitting Boutique in Edinburgh and they had others…like pieces of cake. Fruit… donuts…and some other really adorable things :-P


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