Rainbow Whale is more Rainbow

I’ve already said. Rainbow rain makes me uber happy.

It’s like…knitting with happiness.

Especially when you use sheep stitch markers, haha :-P

So this is the Blue Whale by Stephen West. Yarn is Ella Rae Lace Merino, which is just so uberly squishy. It feels like I’m knitting with…butter…? or something equally as…soft. Is butter soft? That’s a silly question…it’s soft…when it’s not like…hard. HOLY COW, I’m so brilliant. Oooook, *awkward laughter*, moving onnnn. Heh heh.. ^_^

Needles are size US6 (4mm)… somethings. I’m not sure exactly, they were actually my grandmother’s. Which is really really cool to get to use them. She had this big stash of needles and awesome stuff like that…which we got. A really nice memory of her :-)

Bertie thinks it feels like butter too. But no. But yes. But noooo…but yes. But maybe.

Not really…Haha :-P


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