Raspberry Spice – My First Design

This, my readers, is my first design.

It’s name is Raspberry Spice.

I am extremely proud of it.

Even though it wasn’t…hard at all.

It’s my own design. And that’s why.

So why is it called Raspberry Spice? One of the stitch patterns I chose is called the raspberry stitch. And it added some spice to the shawl. And so it’s Raspberry Spice. Brilliant, I know.

Bertie also approves of it..

He likes to wear it around… Well, more like he likes to nest on it, haha.

So all that’s left is to write up the pattern…which I haven’t done yet. Because I’m kinda hesitant about doing that and I’m not sure how I should go about it… But it can’t be *that* hard, can it? I mean, it’s just writing down what you did. Easy peasy. Haha, we’ll see how that works out :-P Hopefully I’ll have it up and posted sometime…before the summer ends. How’s that? Heh heh.

I feel bad, haha. I’ve said I was going to post a ton during the summer…and then it ends up that I posted more during the school year than I did during this summer.

Holy cow, traveling takes up so much time! But it’s toooootally worth it. Holy cow, is it ever.

Bertie hasn’t been happy either, cause I’ve been gone practically the entire summer. And I’m going to be gone even more soon.

So yes, I’m going to camp! Summit Ministries up in Colorado! For 2 weeks. Wheeeeee! It’ll be loads of fun, I can’t wait! Gonna learn bunches and bunches of awesomeness. Not even funny, holy cow.

I leave on Saturday… I believe. Yesssss..YES. Saturday, haha.

Once again, posts shall be sporadic, haha. But there shall be posts! *thank you WordPress for your pre-posting abilities. It is so amazing.*

4 thoughts on “Raspberry Spice – My First Design

  1. Natalya says:

    I touched your first design *feels very special* ;-D Congrats dear girl!( on your first design not the fact that *I* touched it hehe) and safe travels….just don’t go to Africa without me

  2. Hannah says:

    dudeeee…I love the shawl so much! and once you write the pattern up (which should be very soon. as soon as you get back from camp) I’ll test it for you. ok? ok

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