Rainbow Whale ….starting school?

we already knew that I love bright colors, right? Cause I do. I adore it.

What I love even *more* is brightly colored yarn. And…that’s kinda what I’m working with right now ^_^

We went to Yarntopia on Monday (stinking love that place. but that’s another thing you guys already knew, haha) and…I saw this yarn. and it SPOKE TO ME. and it had to be gotten. ^_^

Then I went home and finished *TWO* (yes, TWO) projects…so I felt better about getting a new skein of yarn, heh heh. (FO pictures will be coming soon :-) Zola was finished…and my shawl that I designed! *so excited*)

Anyways, I’m doing another Stephen West pattern (heh heh. But I mean, who could say no to *any* of his patterns?? THEY’RE SO AMAZING.)

I’m doing Blue Whale which…looks *uhmazing*

and the yarn I got is Elle Rae Lace..Sock… either Lace or sock (heh heh, don’t have the ball band with me currently ^_^)

On a side note, have you noticed how many school-ish things are popping up? THE SUMMER JUST STARTED! It’s not time for school yet. -_- oh well… I’m excited about the coming year. I’ll be a senior…exciting stuff (and yes, before it’s questioned, I know it doesn’t fit with my age. but everyone is different, haha.)

…but seriously?! Must school start so soon?!

…Jeeves doesn’t seem to be too worried though…

yeah, no. He’s not worried. Haha :-P

I GOT MY TRINDLE! and it’s amazing. and I now SPIN! EEE! *so excited*

I’ll get a trindle-focued post up…hopefully before I leave for Summit, haha. But I have tutorials that I used, and definitely recommend for the beginner trindler/drop spindler. Pictures.

Today I spun two little…balls of the eggplant color collection thing. And then I just finished plying them together. *extremely proud of self*

Anyways, pictures will be coming soon :-) a post in general about trindling…and spinning will be coming soon :-)

Another sidenote: HAPPY BIRTHDAY. to mah little brother ^_^ Who is now 16. Which is kinda scary. O.o. but he’s the best :-)


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