Dr. Who Fiber Makes Me SMILE. Hugely.

Zola is coming along *famously*. I’m uber excited about it, haha :-P

One thing I’m afraid of…is that I might not have enough yarn. Eh heh heh. Which does prove to be problematic. BUT…I’m going to be optimistic till I actually run out of yarn. No need to worry about…it…now…heh heh.

But yes, I’m really excited about it. I absolutely ADORE the felted tweed. it’s like. Bliss to knit. (despite the shedding, haha. But it’s totally worth it :-P)

ALSO. Yes, my fiber came ^_^ Both the purple/green/amazingness stuff. AND the Dr. Who fiber. Er, it reminds me of Dr. Who. (which is why I got it…heh heh. Yes, I am obsessed ^_^)

I orded the bigger bag, and the extremely nice sender included the little…bloopy-thingy in the bag. It’s completely un-dyed. It’s basically just right off the sheep. (and to all the spinners out there, I know I’m probably most definitely wrong…but haha, I think it’s kinda funny :-P)

These colors are actually *that* vibrant. Like…seriously. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

(also, sidenote: that ring on my pinky? Got that in Dublin. And I loves it ^_^)

ANNNND. the Dr. Who TARDIS fiber ^_^ *wiggles with happiness* *cause, it’s the Doctor ^_^*

It’s just *THAT* awesome ^_^

Now I’m just waiting for the Trindle to arrive…hopefully it’ll be soon, haha. I’m…way behind on the Tour de Fleece..cause the trindle hasn’t come yet. But oooh well, who cares. I’ll definitely be learning how to spin at some point, Tour de Fleece or not :-P


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