Tweed, Spinning, and Dr.Who Fiber

*time to get back the regular schedule of blogging*

Ahhhh, it’s so good to be back ^_^

But to get down to business. And not necessarily defeat the Huns, but whatever. haha :-P

(I do warn you, I’m still suffering from jet lag, and am prone to say extremely weird things, laugh a lot when something isn’t really *that* funny, and randomly zone out. So, if any of this posts seems weird to you. Blame the jet lag. And the many cups of SWEETENED tea I’ve had to help the problem. Haha ^_^)

Anyways, *now* we get down to business.

Yarn stores we visited. Sooo many :-P Some were *absolutely amazing*…and some were kinda meh. But there are ones like that out there, and that’s just life.

But the amazingly awesomeness of the others made up for the meh-ness of the not-so-cool ones :-P

Anyways, what I’m currently working on, that I worked on on the plane, and before we left is…

Pattern: Zola by Carol Feller (Stolen Stitches)
Yarn: Rowan DK Felted Tweed (color 150)
Needles: US size 4 / 3.5mm

Just lemme say…

1) I adore the felted tweed. Holy cow, it’s like….SOOOO soft. and SOOOO pretty. Sure, it sheds everywhere. But it’s not like…”*cough* it’s shedding so much I can’t breathe *coughcough*” That might be a little much. I think after I’m done with it, it’ll have gotten most of the fuzzies out of it’s system, haha.

2) I love the pattern, sooo much. It looks really really simple, like shape and stuff. And it is, but it’s definitely different construction. And I’ve never done pockets before, so I’m learning something new! I love learning new knitting skills. it makes me feel good :-P

3)….and I kinda messed up. Like I messed up big time. BUT…I think I’ve figured out how I can fix it without having to rip out an entire side. It happened on the plane…and I wasn’t thinking properly, haha.

I was supposed to pick up 89 stitches along the side of the back (because the two fronts are knit…sideways, compared to the back. If that makes sense, haha) and do all the shaping and stuff on those 89 stitches. And there was something fancy with the pocket that I had never done before.

SO, I was like “ok, great. I can totally do this. Just 89 stitches…easy peasy”. And that part was really easy. So I picked up 89 stitches, and still had about 3 inches of the back left over that didn’t have any stitches on it…if that makes sense.

I didn’t think anything of it, because…I thought it had to do with the pockets, and all that stuff. Soooo, I thought nothing of it, and continued on with the shaping and stuff.


Well, upon later inspection (in other words, when I had gotten home, and after I was only about 10 rows from finishing the left front..) I realized that that open space needed to be included in those 89 stitches. *headdesk*

(if that was totally confusing, I’m thowwie. Haha, I’m not doing the best job and explaining it, haha.)

BUT I think I’ve figured out how to fix it. And It’ll be easy. and hopefully without a problem. And will…”add interest to the piece”

Hopefully it’ll work >.< We'll just have to wait and see, haha.

Also, let it be know that this is one of the best project bags in the ENTIRE world.

*may be biased because I’m that crazy cat person* *doesn’t care cause cats are totally worth it.* *GETS THE KITTY-KITTIES*

Anyways, I’ll be getting back to the regular blogging routine, and everything will start getting back to normal :-P

OH. OH OH OH!! I almost forgot.

I ordered my first Trindle(not these in particular, mine is actually purple (EEEE)!! Which is like spindling, but a bit different…

I also got some fiber…a little set of 6 2oz little…ball things (heh heh, my spinning terminology is like zero…right now, haha) and then a braid, I forget the weight, of these blues. That reminded me of the Doctor.

Which may or may not have been the reason for me getting the blue. But it doesn’t really matter ^_^

“O.o, this is random. Right now?? You’re like swamped with stuff. WHY are you starting spinning RIGHT NOW??” you might ask. Or something along those lines.

I say in return. “Ever heard of the Tour de Fleece?? That’s my reason.”

Plus, I’ve wanted to learn how to spin for the past 2 years or something. Annnnd…I’m finally getting around to doing something about it, haha.

I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. HOLY COW. *wiggles (but not *THAT* kind of wiggling, ^_^) with the happiness of yarn-related stuff coming in the mail…soon*

Gotta love learning new things. Plus then when you succeed…the feeling is like “BOOYAH. *feels good about self* Oooooh yeah. I can teach myself new stuff. and it WORKS. Yesssss”

Or maybe that’s just me, haha. :-P


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