Things I Miss and Things I Love

Dear Everyone:

*shuffles feet awkwardly* *hums* Heh heh…

Ok, so maybe I haven’t posted all that much…while we’ve been gone. We still are gone. But this is the first free afternoon that we’ve had in awhile. No museums. No shopping. No walking around. No nothing.

It feels extremely nice.

So here I am ^_^ writing a post, yaaaayyyy!

There is absolutely waaaaay too much to talk about everything. Like…just even thinking about talking about *everything* in *one* post is just…insane. and shouldn’t even be thought about, haha.

So, here’s a list. Er, two lists. Lists are awesome, dontchaknow?

Things I Miss: (PLEASE TAKE NOTE: this list is not necessarily in any particular order ^_^)
Bertie. Holy cow, I stinking miss him. SO STINKING MUCH.

my bed

the piano

the freedom to be able to play the piano

texting ability to certain peoples. ^_^

people who speak English fluently (not that we don’t see…people who speak english. It’s just that…we’re SURROUNDED by…Hi-my-first-language-isn’t-English-people.)

Dr. Pepper (I’ve had to switch over to coke. Not that this is a bad thing. Coke is totally awesome. But, I mean. If I had a choice. Dr. Pepper allllllll the way. Sadly, Dr. Pepper is not to be had, haha)

my home. my house. my family smell. (yeah, call me weird. But …I don’t care :-P You know how everyone has their *own* smell? Like…I dunno. And it’s totally not a bad smell at all, it could be fruit…or cookies..or tea…or something that doesn’t even have a name. Whatever ours is, I miss it.)

The access to my entire knitting collection. Needles, notions, patterns, everything. It’s hard living off of just size 3s, 5s, 6s, and 10s. You can’t…really…do a whole lot…with *just* those, haha. The problems of a knitter.

-a familiar yarn store…in other words, Yarntopia. And don’t get my wrong, I stinking love finding new ones, and seeing what they have..meeting new knitter people…all that jazz. But, I miss my LYS :-)

being able to sing in the shower. (Yes, I admit to singing in the shower. But come on, who *doesn’t* sing in the shower..?) Since we’ve been in..mostly bed and breakfasts, everyone is like…right next door. the walls aren’t really that thick. You can hear *everything* (and…it’s not like I could sing if we were in a hotel either. It’s just..yeah) When I get home, I’m going to siiiiiiing. sing sing sing. ^_^

Lastly. And most importantly.
Holy cow. You know the saying of “You don’t know what you have until you’ve lost it”? That’s…kinda…like…this. But not really.

I mean, it’s not like I’ve “lost” my friends forever. I’m obviously going home…(SOON! I can’t WAIT to be homeeee!) and I’ll get to see them again. But..there’s something…comforting knowing that “Oh, I have friends in Houston. I know they’re there. I’ll get to see them on Sunday, YAAAYY!” and all that jazz. (that’s…my new phrase, haha. I’ve started saying that, haha)

and while we’re gone…it’s like “I have friends! …oh. We’re on different continents.”

Which…isn’t that big of a deal, cause…yeah. But I dunno, to me, there’s something that’s comforting knowing that…you have friends *near* you. And *STINKING AMAZINGLY AWESOME* friends at that.

And this also spreads to my friends who don’t live in Houston :-P Europe is an uber long way from America. I never really realized how far it really was., haha.

*end friendship rant* ^_^

Things I Love about Being In Different Places:

different languages, and being surrounded by people who are speaking a different language than you are (yeah, that probably sounds really contradictory from what I said before :-P. You can have so much of it before it becomes too much :-P) It’s been fun…becoming more acquainted with different languages…and being able to use what we’re learning in a regular conversation. And people can actually understand us. It’s…really cool. I like it.

Seeing so many different kinds and types of people. If you’ve been with my in any big public place, you’ll know that I *adore* to watch people. (*tries to not sound stalkerish* heeehee :-P) Yeah, I’ve had the best time in the entire world…watching people. It’s…just soo…interesting. and…a huge learning experience, haha. I’ve learned a ton about the places we’ve been by just watching the people.

Having a passport that has a bunch of stamps from various places in it. Plus, it as a TARDIS cover. Can’t get much better than that.

visiting yarn stores ^_^ Enough said, haha.

trying new things. stores, food, drinks, everything. It’s…pretty awesome.

And yes.

There are a ton more things that I miss, and that I love about being overseas. But that’d take forever to list :-P

Anyways, I hope this relatively long post..long post…haha, will make up (relatively, haha) for the lack of posts from before ^_^ I’ll be posting more pictures soon of yarn…FOs (YES. I finished a shawl. and I’m…*THIS* close to finishing the shawl I’m designing. *FEELS EXTREMELY ACCOMPLISHED*)

When I get home…I’ll be doing the Tour de Fleece, Stash Dash, sleeping, burning off HT, catching up with all my friends, and …all that jazz ^_^

I’ll be posting more information what exactly I’m doing in the Tour de Fleece and Stash Dash later…when I have more access to…everything. Haha :-P

We leave Florence tomorrow morning, head to Rome for 2 days. Then we head to Bath and Oxford. Then to Heathrow one last night, for a late morning flight back to Houston, Texas.

I love Houston. I miss Houston. I miss…well, I miss a lot of things, haha. But…I won’t go into that again :-P

Ciao! :-)


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