Day 7 – Lots of Walking. Lots of Awesome.

Today…we saw Big Ben close up (but we’ll still be going back there sometime this week..I think, haha). We went to the British Museum..I think it was that one. There are too many to keep track of, haha. We went to the Evensong at Westminster Abbey (which was sooo extremely cool, holy cow). We…rode the bus a lot. And we visited the place where my mom spent 6 years of her young life and where she hung out. Which was just really cool to see.

This is going to be a shortish post, cause I have to head to bed soon (it’s 11:40 PM here right now. So in Houston…it would be 5:40 PM :-P)

My dad heads to do his workingness starting tomorrow. So my mom, Joey, and myself begin the adventure of exploring London by ourselves.

We aren’t too worried. We did the same thing in New York…and we obviously survived, haha.

But the plans for tomorrow…I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen, but whatever happens…it’s gonna be fun :-P

I got a lot of knitting done during our little trek through the …museum thing…haha, today. I love knitting and walking around. It’s soooo awesome.

Plus, people watch you. And that’s…only a little creepy, but kinda fun at the same time.


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