Day 6 – The Best Yarn Store Yet

So. Today. Was our first day in London.

And it was amazing. Fo serious.

Basically, in my…mind/opinion/whatever. London is exactly like New York. But a lot…nicer (no offense to any New Yorkers, New Yorkers at heart, or lovers…of New York. I love New York…but, I like London better. And it’s TOTALLY personal preference :-P)

So yeah! We have a week here, because my pater has some work that he has to do. So, today and tomorrow we’re going to be doing stuff that he wants to do and see stuff that he wants to see. Because he won’t be able to the rest of the week.

Plus, he comes here all the time…and he’s (and the rest of my family. Before Joey and I were born) lived here for a couple of years. So, it’s not like he hasn’t seen anything.

BUT. today. We saw Big Ben (SO COOL! It was from a distance. But sometime this week, my mom, Joey, and I will be going and taking a tour of it. So hopefully there’ll be more pictures :-)

Oh, and The Eye, we saw that from a distance too. My dad really wanted to see that :-P

(pictures of the eye and dad of the eye)


It was called Loop

And. it was. SO COOL. The feel was kinda like the Purl Bee SoHo. But…cooler. And more…British (*loves stating the obvious*) and…it was SOOO COOL.

It was kinda funny actually, because they only had maybe…4, at the most, kinds of yarn that were actually made in the UK. Including Scotland and Ireland…which we had already been too…and seen the yarn there.

The rest of it? It was….American, haha. And Canadian as well. (my mom and I both ended up getting Canadian yarn. IT’S SOOOO PRETTY. mine reminds me of strawberry shortcake. ^_^ *rabbit trail*)

(haha, I’m thowwie thowwie if some of these pictures…aren’t what they’re supposed to be. Something is wacky with wordpress and the pictures I’m uploading. heh heh.

They also had some Madelinetosh yarn. and Wollmeise. Which…I have never seen either one *in person*

So, it was quite an experience to go and actually *touch* both, and…try *not* to drool over the softness of them. And the price, haha.

Anyways. It was soooo amazing. Like, holy cow. HOLLLLY COW. So amazing. Plus, the people were so nice. There were Americans shopping there as well at the time (now, every time I hear an American anywhere, there’s a feeling of familiarity and comfort, haha.) And yessss ^_^

I’m knutty for yarn. (teehee. *makes really bad knitting jokes.* teehee ^_^)

So anyways. I’m definitely switched over to the London time now. I’m…getting very sleepy. it’s 10:15 PM here right now…(so, that means..back in Houston, it would be 4:10 PM.)

But I wanted to get this up and posted for everyone who is in the middle of their day :-P

it’s so weird…knowing that everyone is up and about…living life while you go to bed. And are like “dude, it’s time for bedddd. I’m so tiredddd.” meanwhile, they’re all like “Hellooo, it’s the afternoon. Life is happy. Ready to finish the day with GUSTO!”

Haha, maybe not *quite* like that :-P But you get the idea.

Oh, and I’ve…been catching myself saying stuff on accident with an accent. Which…I’m finding…pretty cool. I hope it lasts, haha.


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