Day 2 – Dublin – Walking and Knitting, a skill every knitter needs.

last day in Dublin :-( Even though…this is only the first place we’ve been…I LOVED Dublin. I would…live there. I thought it was *that* cool. The people were amazing. The places were amazing. The accent is amazing. The weather is amazing.

…and I’m sure Dublin could use another knitting store ;-P

I’m afraid this is going to have to be quick, and no pictures today. But, we head to Edinburgh tomorrow morning…REALLLLLY EARLY. like. We have to be walking out the door at like 4:45…whatever time you call whatever time we’re in.

Which we’ll be there until Friday, then we head to London to spend a week there (yesssssssss!!) while my dad works :-P And after that…I have no idea, I’ve lost track of what we’re doing in the not-so-near future, haha :-P

I am posting pictures on my Facebook, they’re uploading right now as I type this.

But I will be posting pictures from today here…sometime in the near future. When I get enough time :-P

Sadly, my battery ran out of life today early on in the morning :-/ So I didn’t get as many pictures as I’d like.

We did this Hop on – Hop off tour thing. Were you ride this bus that stops at all the awesome places, and you can either stay on, hop on, or hop off. It was a double decker, and the top was open the air. SOOOO COOL. So, all the times we were on the bus, we were up top. SOOOOO AWESOME. even though it was cold. But the coldness made it even more awesome :-P

But anyways, we pasted so many awesome churches, and just awesome places. Which I *did* get pictures of. ^_^

We also went to the Guinness Factory, which was amazingly cool and amazingly interesting. (this is when my battery ran out :-/)

*takes a sip of tea* Phew, speed blog writing…gotta work on this more, haha :-P

We went to the Dublin Jail…the historical one. SOOOOO STINKING COOL. I had no idea how interesting Irish history was. That jail…I don’t know, history like that…historical places like that just…they’re SOOOO COOL. I love them. Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of that :-/

Joey did though! And hopefully he’ll let me use some of his pictures :-P

The major plus of not having a camera all day, was that I was able to knit pretty much the whole time.

…even during the jail tour ^_^

Yep. knitting and walking at the same time is a definitely useful skill. 100%

Ok, I gotta go. Bed time. Early rising. Ooooh my. O.o

Sad thing of the day: 1) camera battery dying (THANK GOODNESS FOR CHARGERS) and 2) finding out the flight tomorrow doesn’t allow knitting needles :-(


One thought on “Day 2 – Dublin – Walking and Knitting, a skill every knitter needs.

  1. Deanna says:

    Sounds like you are having an amazing time!!! I hope I can go back to Europe some day. We were probably only in Dublin for a total of 24 hours, but it was fun. I loved Edinburgh!

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