Day 1 – Dublin, Yarn Stores, and Green

We’re in Dublin!

The flight was awesome, besides the fact that there were two babies who screamed almost the whole way…and I found how unpleasant it is to have sausage for feet. (seriously, what is with feet swelling. SO UNPLEASANT. >.<, haha.)

It was alllll good :-P I even got some pretty awesome pictures up in the air, if I do say so myself :-P

So the flights was 9 hours. Surprisingly…I didn’t actually…knit the entire time. In fact, I don’t think I knit even *half* the time. It was all kinda spread around with…watching one episode of Dr. Who, reading, eating, listening to awesome music, taking pictures, watching people around me, and trying to sleep.

I fail, and had no idea how to get my seat to recline. Soooo…for about the first 2 hours we were supposed to be sleeping, or trying to sleep…it was….rather painful. Well, not at the beginning. But by the end of that 2 hour period, my back was like “AAAAGH. PAIN. MOVE. YOU NEED TO MOVE. BEND. ANYTHING.”

Then my amazingly wonderful mom should me that all you have to do is press this little button on the side of the arm rest. And you’ll lay back. Once I did that…I conked right out, haha. And continued to sleep for the next 2 and half hours.

Sleeping hours = 3 and a half.

I read…I ate the dinner they gave me. (which was reallllly good, actually. Way better than I was expecting. But maybe that was because I was starving, haha.) I tried to “dance” to music in my seat without wiggling *too* much and disturbing the grumpy people around me. I took pictures. I ate the breakfast the gave me…which was also very good.

Oh, I also wiggled cause I listened to awesome songs…that cause wiggleage, haha. And yes, “wiggleage” is totally a word. Well…not it is :-P But this fact is not quite relevant to everyone :-P *wiggles eyebrows*

So in actual fact, I probably only got about…30 rows done on the shawl I’m designing (which…doesn’t sound like *that* much, but the rows are realllllly big now. So it takes me about 10-15 minutes to just do one row.)

So, we arrived in London….alive and intact. Happiness abounded! Then we had to run to get on the plane to Dublin. Our very first destination. Made it without a problem.

The only stinking problem about this flight?!???


Thankfully, I found this out before we actually got to security…(cause they were grumpy) and all of it got taken away. I saw a sign, and my mom and I stowed our needles in a suitcase before we checked them. So that flight, I read most of the time. And tried to sleep. With my AMAZINGLY AWESOME Texan…we call them “Bucky” pillows, lol. the ones that wrap around your neck, haha. (why we call them “bucky” I have no clue :-P)

That was only an hour, so we quickly got to Dublin. Got a taxi, had an extremely pleasant ride with our Russian taxi driver, and got to our bed and breakfast. (which is where I am…at the moment :-P)

We dropped our stuff off. And headed out for EUROPE ADVENTURE – DAY 1 – DUBLIN.

So already our feet were blown up (we won’t go into that again, haha)…then walked like for forever. Which, isn’t a bad thing at all. it was totallllly worth it. Plus, it’s an awesome form of…exercise :-P Definitely not a bad thing at all.

So we walked all over the place. Got lunch at this amazing place called Bewley’s, I think. It was this really uberly awesome cafe thing.

So awesome, that they decorate their lattes/coffee/whatever that was with fancy heart things. With a complicated process that I shall never understand nor pretend to, haha. (cause that’s totally relevant, haha. I am a person of relevance while I write this. Holy cow, I have no idea how long I’ve been up. Please pardon me if this post makes no sense whatsoever, haha)

We continued to….


That…was one of the best experiences with a new knitting store ever. The lady working was sooooooo nice, like realllllly nice. The yarn selection was amazing. Debbie Bliss, Malabrigo, NORO (if a place has it, it gets major brownie points in my world :-P), Louisa Harding, and then yarn that was spun and dyed in Ireland.

My mom and I decided before we left that we would NOT get stuff we can get in the US. Noooo way. So we got some fingering weight handspun, hand-dyed…PURELY IRELAND YARN.

We also got this other yarn…that is also made in Ireland…at the same place where the Debby Bliss yarn is made, actually. But this is like a special kind of yarn. And…I love the color I got. It reminds me of the fall, summer, love, and just general happiness.

I seriously love color. But we’ve already been over that, haha :-P I think I’m going to do the Crofter’s Cowl by Gudrun Johnson….which I’ve had my eye on for awhile :-P

Another reason why the lady who was working there was so incredibly nice, was that when I asked if I could take pictures, she was like…

“Oh, of course! I’d love it!” (and of course, she said it in the amazing Irish accent. Which, in my opinion, it like one of the most soothing sounds in the world…just sayin’ :-P)

And…I got some more pictures of yarn…that I didn’t get. But seeing the yarn makes me drool :-P


Then, we went and looked at the Book of Kells at Trinity College, which was uberly cool.

By this time…we were all pretty much dead. Our feet were screaming. Our minds were screaming “WHY DON’T I HAVE ENOUGH SLEEP?!?”…so we decided to head back to our place. We took a shortcut through this park that’s right next to our place, just for fun. And it was beautifullllll.

Places that made me think happy things ^_^. Some places that reminded me of Central Park…which then reminded me of even more happy things, haha.

Now…I’m sitting at this little desk thing. Hoping the internet starts working again. Cause I want to post this and the pictures to Facebook.

I think we’re headed out to dinner at some fun place right around the corner…that requires only a small amount of walking to get to :-P

Then…we head back here for an early bed.


I’ve been up since 8:30 AM (Central American time) on Saturday. It is now…6:30 PM on Monday, June 13th.

I hope I can adjust to the time change without any problem. that’d be reallllly nice.

As for tomorrow…I have no idea what’s gonna happen ^_^

Haha, this post was loooooong. Thowwie about that :-P I started typing not really know how to start it out, and once it got going…everything just started pouring out :-P


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