Sittin’ at the airport, waitin’ for the plane.

The internet is such an amazing thing, isn’t it? I mean, I’m…sitting in an airport.


which really isn’t *that* big, I know. But hey, a long time ago people’s cell phones were half the size of their heads. And emailing was the big new thing.

So yes, we’re at the airport. And…it’s awesome. *is soooo excited*

At the moment, you’ll have to put up with the bad phone pictures. Tis the best I can do…at the moment :-P

But, I got this little…neck pillow thing. Because I hadn’t gotten one yet, and I needed one. The rest of the family got one at one point, but I didn’t. (no idea why) So now..after we checked in, we got one! and it is amazing.

Seriously. How cool is that? plus, it’s really soft and squishy…which makes it *that* much cooler.

*Texan pride*

Also, I’m sure…this is old news for a lot of people. But my passport cover? it’s like..the TARDIS. *the TARDIS*

*Dr.Who fan girl moment* I mean, it’s like…the TARDIS…that travels EVERYWHERE. Which makes it a really cool idea for a passport cover.

Also, I downloaded the entire Season 4 of Dr. Who…so my mom and I will be watching parts of it on the plane :-P

Countdown till Europe: 0

Also, to everyone I’ve told that we’ll be *12* hours ahead…

I was wrong, haha. really wrong :-P I really fail at time zones…they just don’t make sense to me.

We’ll only be *6* hours ahead. …difference. Whatever. So, if I’ve talked to you about skyping…it’s not *as* bad…as 12 hours, haha.


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