Quotable Friday!! + Packing and Yarn

“Adventure is worthwhile.” ~ Aristotle

We are about to embark on one of the biggest adventures ever. And this is going to be soooo worth it. *IS SO EXCITED*

I started packing today! Which, for some reason, it feels weird. To be packing…maybe because I’m going to be gone for 3 weeks. And that just is…a different feeling, haha.

But yes, that yarn…up there…is the yarn I’m going to using for my Herbivore. *loves that yarn. holy cow. it’s so gorgeous*

I am planning to knit most of the time during the 9 hour flight. But I think if I knit for 9 hours, my fingers would seriously fall off. So I’m bringing some books :-P

One of them is going to go in my suitcase…or something. because I’m not sure I have enough room in my camera bag. for my…camera, several knitting projects, various odds and ends, and three books. Maybe two books…but not three.

Upon getting my camera bag…I added two very important things to it.

My uglydoll and that little bear thing. Both have many memories attached to them. And both have been with me pretty much on every big trip since…last year. I got the bear in New York when we visited there last year. And the uglydoll I got in the train station..somewhere…after leaving CT. (which was very sad to leave there. Just sayin’)

And yes. Both have happy memories. Rabbit trails, I love rabbit trails. Wheeee! Where was I, haha…

Oh yes, Bertie…

I’m going to miss him SOOOO badly. I won’t see him for *3 weeks*… 3 weeks is like FOREVER! *major sadness*

But…I bet the 3 weeks will fly by. And I’ll be home to get the kitty-kitties in no time :-P

Countdown till Europe: 2 days!


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