Knitted Glass and Yarn Phone Chargers

You never know what knitters can do. Or find. Or think of. it’s insane, really…there are so many random and amazing things that they come up with.

I have found so many cool things that I’d love to show you…but that’d take for forever. So I’ll only share three things :-P

1) Knitted Glass.
(yeah, like…actual *glass*…that’s *knitted*

It’s from like a book by Carol Milne… called Knitted Glass, haha :-P You can go flip through the book HERE (couldn’t get any pictures to actually post :-/) But it’s reallllly cool looking! I’m not sure…how they did it, haha. But, they did. And that’s *so* cool. Holy cow.

2) Yarn Phone Charger.
(mmmhm. A yarn phone charger.)

(Pictures taken from Yanko Design)

It wouldn’t work for my iPhone, but I mean…seriously. a BALL OF YARN?? That’d be SO AMAZING.

and 3) Adventures of a Bored Ball of Yarn by Lorna’s Laces

(Lorna’s Laces is a really amazing yarn company, that makes some of *the best yarn* in the entire world. Just sayin’.)

It’s just too cute. And a brilliant ad for Lorna’s Laces.

Knitting updates: I’ve decided what I’m going to be taking on the plane (well, almost…one is for sure..and another one, I think. But then the 3rd, it’s between two different projects, haha :-P)

Mainly shawls…Ooo, maybe I’m taking four. I forget, haha.

But, so the list is…

1) Herbivore (I looooove Stephen West’s patterns. Holy cow, haha). Yarn is Malabrigo Sock yarn. (*STINKING LOVES THAT STUFF*)

2) To Eyre. Yarn is Cascade 220 that I have left over from something else. In a dark brown. *can’t wait to cast that on*. The inspiration came from the newest version of Jane Eyre, she wore something like that in the movie. Which makes it *that* much cooler :-P

Possibly 3) Traveling Woman. Yarn is Koigu KPPPM in this amazing navy. (which makes me SO HAPPY to knit with it. Cause…I got it at Hannah’s store, Creative Fibers ^_^. It reminds me of happy things, haha :-D) (I actually started this awhile ago, but I took a break from it…came back..and messed something up, haha. Majorly. So I ripped it out, and I’m going to try again :-P paying more attention this time, haha)

Possibly 3) Featherweight Cardigan (it’s the first picture). Yarn is Cascade Alpaca Lace. (another one that I started, did a lot on. Took a break. Came back…did a lot. Took another break. And now I wanna finish it, haha :-P Finally, haha.)

Countdown till Europe: 3 days



3 thoughts on “Knitted Glass and Yarn Phone Chargers

  1. Samantha says:

    The first “possibly three” is goooorrrrgeeeouss! Wow, yeah. And I love the Emma project that you have posted about :)

    I don’t know you but I *had* to tell you how gorgeous that is :)

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