The Sharpie Notebook

I don’t think I can say it enough… how amazing Noro is. IT’S SO PRETTY!! *yarn fan-girl moment* eeeeeEEEEE.

something random, which I’m working on at the moment… is this…

You know those notebooks where you can color in the front…? I found one of those last year, around the beginning of school. Thought I’d use it, but never actually did. So, I found it recently…and decided I’d do something with it.

I’ve been using my little collections of Sharpies to color it in..

I dunno about you, but I ADORE Sharpies. (almost as much as I adore Noro :-P) Especially the smell. (yeah, I know it’s bad for you. It’s not like I have a sharpie attached to my head so I can smell it 24/7, haha.) But yeah, I like the smell. Don’t judge :-P

But I had this idea…that I’d leave most of the big circles blank, so when we go certain places…I can write where ever we are in one of those circles. So it’d be like…a little travel journal..thingy, haha.

Countdown till Europe: 5



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