Musical Monday!! + Rain is Happiness in Water Form

This song makes me smile. Really big :-)

Europe draws closer every day. *is so excited* …!!!!!!

I’ve been finding a ton of knitting stores in the various places we’ll be :-P And all of them look *SO AMAZING*, holy cow, haha!

On a little random exploration on knitting blogs, I found Elisa McLaughlin’s McLaughlinDesigns

*drools over the adorableness of all the patterns*

I saw the It’s a Cinch Headband (the picture in that first post) and HAD to make it. Right then. At whatever time it was, last night, haha :-P

I knew what yarn I wanted to use…knew where the needles were. it was perfect.

It was soooo easy. it was basically just cast on a certain number, and knit for 14 inches. Which I did in about an hour and a half. Then sew the ends together, and cinch the seam together, haha.

No pictures yet, but I’ll definitely be wearing it a lot while we’re in Europe…it’s supposed to be FREEZING (for Houston standards, haha :-P) while we’re there. For half of the trip, I think. Then the later half, it’s supposed to be around in the 70’s in Italy and stuff. (which is actually still kinda chilly…for us :-P)

Also, we had a thunderstorm last evening. It was *SO AMAZING*

just thinking about rain in general…it makes me happy. I mean, there are so many *awesome* (and I mean…SO STINKING AWESOME. To say the least :-P) things that happened in the rain. Running around in it… dancing in it…. laughing in it….

Rain is just happiness in water form :-P

It reminds me of the awesome friends I have, our adventures we had in the rain, and things that would be so awesome if they happened…in the rain, haha :-P


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