FO: Rainbow Daybreak!!

Behold. The Rainbow Daybreak.

It is finished. (actually, I haven’t blocked it yet…so technically, it’s not 100% done, haha. But it actually doesn’t really need a whole lot…)

I love it SO much. It turned out soooo well. And the colors…well, you all already know my love for bright colors :-P

*disregard the car in the background*

I kinda have the best brother ever, who is willing to take pictures of me and whatever knitting object..and take good pictures. It’s so nice. Cause I really really fail at self-pictures/self-portrait, whatever you wanna call them.

It’ll be *perfect* for Europe to wrap up in. Over the shoulders, around the neck. Any way I wear it, it’ll be awesome.

Just can’t go wrong with rainbows. Can’t go wrong with shawls either. And when you have those two things put together. You just get *amazingly awesomeness* :-P

Countdown till Departure: 7 days


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