Noro Makes Me Smile Like the Sun ^_^

In 7 days…Joey and I will take the ACT. In 8 days, we’ll be on a plane flying over the big blue wet thing to have one of the biggest adventures ever.

In 8 days. It feels like yesterday we had just started talking about the whole trip…if we were actually going to go.

One of the places that we’ll be spending the most time is Italy. Mainly in Rome, Florence, and some other place… So, we’ll definitely be needing to know a little more about the language (well, we’ll be needing to know more about all the different languages we’ll run into, haha)

But that was one of my jobs today. To look up and study some common Italian phrases.

*Is is grateful that I took about 10+ years of Latin* It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be :-P

So I filled several notebook pages of all the important ones for me to go over and stuff. For some reason I learn best if I say it, hear it, and write it down. Go figure, haha.

I also picked up that shawl I was designing, and continued on with that :-P

Seriously, Noro colors are THE BEST COLORS EVER. They’re so vibrant… They’re so clear *and* muddled at the same time.

One of the many things I love about this colorway is the random red and the blue that are thrown in there. I had no idea they were even in there until I knit enough to uncover the colors on the ball.

Noro just makes me happy. It’s better than rainbow yarn, in my opinion. (but this is personal preference :-P)

We leave in 8 days… O.O

Holy cow…haha.


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