The Sleeping Cat…

I’m sorry. I had to post these…


Made 2 more coasters…each one took around 30 minutes, which is awwwwesome. They’re so easy, and they make the perfect gift! Cause I mean, who wouldn’t want a set of hand-knit coasters…in amazingly fun colors?? And there are endless ways you could embellish them, I’m sure. Like, add little charms around the edge…or add a fun crocheted edging…whatever you can think of. Ooo, color work…that’d be fun too. But I like the Purl Bee’s idea of putting backing on it….that’s a really awesome idea!

But if you’re a beginning knitter, and want to try something a little more adventurous than just scarves and wash rags…I realllllllly recommend these! Purl Bee has such amazing patterns in general, haha :-P

The skills you need to know are: knitting in the round, k2tog (knit 2 together), and YO (yarn over).

It uses hardly any yarn at all, sooo awesome for finishing up those little bits and pieces left over from previous projects. :-D

My cat is so adorable. End of story.


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