Musical Monday!! + Calla Coasters

(EDIT: I’m soooo sorry, haha. The video, for some reason, doesn’t want to be embedded. So here’s the link to the MUSICAL MONDAY for this week It’s a Fireflies cover by Michael Henry and Justin Robinett)

True, this is just a cover of a song. BUT…it’s AMAZING. and if you follow me on Twitter, you probably already saw this. But I mean…it’s just too good *NOT* to post. Seriously…awesome piano arrangements of popular songs are just SOOO AMAZING. Plus, the harmonies? Holy cow.

Oh….and the guy in the background is pretty awesome too :-P

Our trip to Europe is coming closer and closer every day…it’s a little less than 2 weeks. We will be on a plane, flying over the “big, blue, wet thing” (major brownie points if you can tell me what movie that came from :-P), and then visiting various knitting stores over there :-P *IS SO EXCITED*

I finished Daybreak!! EEEEE! Well, I cast it off…it still needs to be blocked. And the end woven in. But the knitting is done! I’m soooo happy with out it turned out! It’ll be perfect for our adventures in the coming weeks :-P Because…weather in England, Ireland, Scotland…those types of places, is very…different from the weather in Houston :-P

On another knitting knote: There is a birthday coming up (not going to say who, just in case…this person sees this :-P)

But I’m making coasters :-) True, this is only one.’s being blocked right now. BUT…it’s a coaster. and I’ll be making more to make a complete set :-P

The pattern I used is the Calla Costers by the Purl Bee.

Anyways, I hope you have an *awesome* Memorial Day :-) Go outside and enjoy the amazing weather…if you have amazing weather. It’s really hot here…and sunny…I’m gonna go lay in the pool with a book. Yep.


2 thoughts on “Musical Monday!! + Calla Coasters

  1. Hannah says:

    the quotes from the muppets pirate movie! boyah! and it said by the bear dude.

    do I get brownies now?? :P

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