Rainbow Yarn Makes Me Happy ^_^

I’m almost done with Daybreak! I’m soooooo happy with how it’s turning out! It’s like…perfect. I’m about 4 rows into the last garter stitch section…and it’s taking FOREVER.

Which isn’t really a huge surprise, cause I think…it’s around 400/500 stitches on the needles right now. That’s one stinking huge row, haha.

I love the colors, they just make me happy.

Rainbows are awesome, end of story. Rainbows are even more awesome when you get to knit with a ball of rainbow yarn….haha :-P

Another thing I really really like about this pattern (besides that it’s just so amazing it doesn’t even really need a reason, haha :-P) is the grey slipped stitches that are carried up through the rainbow stripes…

It just adds this really cool look, that it’s not one huge piece…but like 4, or however many sections there are, pieces put together…

There aren’t any slipped stitches in the garter stitch end, which makes it even more cool because you see that everything is connected and it’s like “Oh…ok, it’s not several pieces put together. It’s…one? I’m confused how that’s made. That’s one awesome shawl.”

Haha, maybe not like that :-P But hopefully you get the idea :-P

So yes, haha, I hope to finish it today…which doesn’t seem very likely. Because, like I said, the rows are HUGE. Massive, colossal, mammoth, elephantine…. yeah :-P (Hooray for thesauruses :-P)

but who knows! Maybe I’ll succeed :-P

Either way, you’ll be seeing FO pictures of it soon :-D

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