Let’s Knit 5k!! Booyah!

Yaaaaayy for color! Yaaaaaayy for rainbows! Yaaaaayyy for those little sheepy (or sheepie, I guess…haha) stitch markers! The project in general makes me smile :-)

I already have 11 rows of color, and the pattern calls for 12. Sooo…I’m definitely going to be doing more, because…1) I definitely have enough yarn and 2) It’ll be uber small if I go ahead and stop here. Which I don’t really want… I mean, I don’t want it HUGE…but I don’t want it too small, haha. It’s gotta be *just right* :-P

I wound some yarn today… and this yarn REALLY makes me smile. Wanna know why? It’s cause where I got it….

Might look familiar…but I got this yarn at (the amazingly awesome :-P) Hannah’s knitting store, Creative Fibers, in Windsor, CT while we were up there visiting. But yeah, that just makes me STINKING HAPPY. I hope I can go back soooooon ^_^

It’s Berroco’s Lustra… which I plan to make Gudrun Johnston’s Kerrera with it. Possibly on the plane over to Europe :-P But I have no idea what I’m going to bring with me to knit, haha :-P

Oh! Oh oh oh!

Here’s the yarn I’m planning on using for Wendy Knit’s Summer Mystery Shawlette

It’s sooo pretty. It’s like whites, light grays, and light purples… <3 <3

I'll most likely start it after I finish the Daybreak… Possibly. I'm not sure :-P

On a completely random note… the Stash Dash 5k starts in two days! TWO DAYS. I want it to start now…haha.

Stash Dash 5k is hosted by TheKnitGirllls, where through the span of June 27th to August 18th, you knit whatever from your stash. Projects, yarn…whatever.

But you have to knit 5k. Yep, you heard me. 5k.

It comes out to be around 5,468.06649 yards to be exact :-P

Yeah, feel free to call me crazy…and/or laugh at me, haha :-P BUT I did succeed (*and* go over) the Million Stitches in a Year. Yep, did that…finished with triumph. I don’t remember how many I had in the end, but I definitely had more than a million, haha :-P

So yes, I’m excited about that :-P


2 thoughts on “Let’s Knit 5k!! Booyah!

  1. Hannah says:


    I feel so special right now!! (in a very good way…not in my usual ‘special’ way :P)
    and dude, you’ll totally beat the 5k. if you think about it, it really isn’t that much. like what? 4 cute summer tops? or 2 winter sweaters? not dat hard…you’ll cream dem all!!

  2. Katherine says:

    Haley B recommended your blog to me because I LOVE to knit too. You have been such an encouragement to me to knit harder things. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! ; D I check it every day. Maybe one day I will get to meet you at one of the home school balls…: )

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