Rainbow Daybreak

I finally started the stripes!! Soooo exciting! I love knitting with color, haha.

When I was just knitting with the gray, I remembered why I don’t knit with just plain neutral colors very often, haha. Because after about 10 rows, the color gets boring :-P

True, only two stripes have happened, but it’s still COLOR. Which is just happiness in general.

Life would be so depressing without color… Just sayin’ :-P

We went to Austin and came back yesterday :-P And it was awwwwesome :-D Though Austin *is* very weird, some parts are a “cool” weird…if that makes sense. (Though, most of it is just a plain weird. Weeeeeird weird, haha)

Only sad thing was that I forgot to get my pattern out of the yarn and into my purse before we headed out with our group. So…I had NO KNITTING WHATSOEVER. I think I about died… It was so sad, haha…I had the actual project in my purse. But not the pattern :-/ and my phone was about to die, so I couldn’t get the pattern on there :-/ Much sadness was had, haha. But it ended up great, haha. It was a ton of fun anyways :-P

I like the little hole-in-the-wall stores that are smushed between so many other stores…little cafes…fun buildings…And of course, you can’t forget…the knitting store :-P Which I still can’t get over how awesome it is, haha.

It’s basically just this old house stuffed to the brim with sooooo much yarn. Your standard kinds, like Cascade, Berroco, CEY, Noro, etc. Then they have tons of other special fun stuff.

I did get some yarn for that Summer Mystery Shawlette :-P But…*shuffles feet* I kinda forgot to take pictures of it, haha.

I WILL DO THAT…sometime SOON. How’s that? I’ll most like start it today anyways, haha, so I can get caught up on the clues. The next clue is on Tuesday (there was one published today) and I think that one is like 72 rows…so I’d rather not be behind for that :-P

Anyways, I’m off to relax, knit, and watch either House or Dr. Who. Orrrrr a knitting podcast(s)….haha, who knows :-P The options are endless! :-D


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