Quotable Friday!! + Rainbow Daybreak + Mysteries

“Knitting warms the soul” ~ Unknown

The soul, the mind, the body…pretty much everything come to think of it, haha.

I cast on my Daybreak. I just HAD to. For multiple reasons…

Mainly, because I had waited soooo long. And I couldn’t hold off any longer, haha.

But I was also knittingly depressed. Depressed by knitting…? Knitting Depressed? I have no idea. I was sad because of that vest thing…

Yeah, it didn’t end up working. I finished the back, and attached the fronts to the back, all that went fine. But when I went to try it on. It ended up waaaaaaay (and I mean, like waaay) too short, haha. So short, that no matter how hard I tried, it always looked dumb on me.

So much for getting that done for tomorrow, haha. Oh well, I’ll definitely live. And I’m not going to completely rip it out (or even worse, just *leave* it…that’d be terrible.) Later, when I’ve stopped hating it so much, I’ll go back and rip back to before the division for the fronts, and make the body longer. I mean, it *is* a cute vest…and I could wear it, haha.

So yes. That’s why I had to cast on Daybreak :-P Something that was new, fun, exciting, happpppy…. haha :-P

We’re heading to Austin tomorrow! Sometime early, I believe. Which should be funnnn. We’re also stopping in Dallas to pick up my sister! Which should be SO MUCH FUN! I haven’t seen her in awhile, haha. So I’m exxxxxcited :-P

We *are* going to be able to stop at the Hill Country Weavers! More happiness!! I know what I’m going to get…I’m going to walk in, try not to be distracted (haha, like that’ll happen…), pick out the color, and be excited about the future project, haha.

So what am I looking for? I’m looking for Malabrigo Sock yarn(or something sock/fingering weight)…in an either completely solid, or semi-solid (more like…tone-varigated, if that makes sense…) for Summer Mystery Shawlette by Wendy Knit’s (who has an ADORABLE cat, Lucy. Sooo CUTE! Haha, she actually looks almost exactly like my sister’s cat, Lulu :-P)

Haha, the term “Mystery” in the title means that it’s not all published all at once. So there are clues posted like every 4 days, or something. So no one knows what it looks like finished yet, haha. It’ll be a big surprise :-P Once all the clues are published, it’ll be available on Ravelry for those who didn’t join in the mystery KAL :-P

I’m very excited about that :-P It’ll be something fun to do…possibly over in Europe :-P


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