Adorableness and Updates on Life

Bertttttie. *kitty-kitties*


We went and applied for our passports this morning bright and very early (and by that, I mean like…6 AM) so they should be coming in the maaaail! Soooo exciting! Eeee!! I was so extremely tired…so when we got home (which ended up being around 9 ish, haha) I went back to bed and slept for like 5 hours. Now…I feel amazing, haha.

My family and I are headed to Austin on Saturday for one of my cousin’s graudation, which should be awwwwesome! I’m really really hoping we can stop by the Hill Country Weavers again. Cause that place was stinking ammmmazing. Hooooly cow, haha.

I have a ballet recital coming up on..Monday, I believe. Dress rehearsal is on Thursday, so that should be funnnn :-D

And I’m slowly plodding along on that vest thing that I need to have done for the graduation. I’m more than halfway done with the back…which is extremely happy, haha. I have no idea what I’m going to work on next :-P There are soooo many options, haha.

Bertieeeee. *KITTY-KITTIES* Haha, he was confused this morning when I got up so early. He wasn’t ready to get up either, haha :-P


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