Josh Groban Concert…!!!

The vest is coming along nicely! I’m…definitely interested to see how it’ll turn out. Like I said before, it’s not a *real* pattern…just notes. So I have the basics…but the rest I’m doing by myself. But it’s going well, and I think it’ll be cute :-P

My newest yarn purchase…haha. Malabrigo Sock yarn…possibly the most beautiful colorway in the world. The picture doesn’t really do it justice… the colorway is called Abril. I’m going to do a shawl with it…but which shawl, I’m totally not sure yet :-P There are toooo many options, haha.

We stopped at Barnes and Noble recently…on Saturday, I believe. And I got a stitch dictionary to help me along with my designing this summer…it’s a reallllly good book, I definitely recommend it! it’s got a huge selection of patterned stitches, lace, cables, you name it. It’s 400 Knitting Stitches: A Complete Dictionary of Stitch Patterns. They have more than enough information about each pattern, which will make just sticking the stitch into the design really really easy! I’m excited to use it :-P

Alsooooo. Huge big news. We went to see a Josh Groban (YES. JOSH GROBAN) in concert on Saturday night. My parents surprised me with tickets for all 4 or us.

it was definitely a HOOOOLY COW moment, haha.

(pardon the bad pictures, but all I had was my phone :-P)


It was in the Toyota Center in downtown Houston…and it was soooooo amazing. No words…could possibly describe it.

it was just…hoooooly cow. haha :-P

Oh, and Jeeves just wanted to say hi :-P


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