My Knitting was Hijacked

I have no idea what Jeeves’ problem is…I mean, I just left my knitting laying on my bed for two minutes. And when I come back….he’s like

hai. I’m laying on your knittin’. And theres nuffin’ you can do about it.

I’m gonna rub my face all over it…

Just be adorable….

all over your knitting…

But…even though he took it over. Shed all over it.

I’m ok with it…cause he’s adorable.

Even if he *did* *VIOLATE* it.

I’m a softie when it comes to moving cats…They’re just….SO CUTE. AAAAAAHHHH

*kitty kitties* *again*

But, on the subject of that project, it’s almost done! I have…8 more rows of the stitch pattern, then 28 rows of garter stitch.

Which doesn’t sound like a lot, I know. But now the rows are HUGE. SOOO BIG. Like…400ish stitches. Er, maybe 300 stitches. Something like that….

So it’s almost done…but I probably won’t get it done today, haha.

*goes back to working on the last Great Books 3 paper* I CAN FINISH THIS. BOOYAH.


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