Musical Monday!! + Europe + Polka Dot Shoes


I really like this song, haha.

Haley shared this on Twitter, and said that it played on the Joshua Radin station. Which I immediately went and turned on…and the whole station is ammmmazing. Just sayin’ :-P

I may or may not have cast on something new on Saturday night. *cough cough* *shifty eyes*

Ok, fine! I did, I did.

But I had a totally logical reason. Or if it doesn’t seem logical to you when I explain why, it made sense in my head, haha.

So, if you don’t know…we (my parents, my brother, and myself) are planning a trip over the Europe…sometime in the very near future.

And that “near future” is like really really near. Like maybe a month away (Ok, so maybe not *that* near. But it’s pretty stinking close, if you ask me.)

And…while we’re going to be over there, it’s going to be cool. Cooler…chilly. Cold. For…Houston people, anyways.

*cough* Like..mid 70’s. *cough*

Yeah, ok, I know…that sounds pathetic. But…the point is, it’s going to be cold for us.

So, I thought to myself… “I should make a an aran or worsted..or DK weight, whatever weight. And it’ll keep me warm.”

Not that the shawls I have no don’t, it’s just that they’re lace weight.

And before hand, my mom needed some size 6s to start her own Daybreak (she’s using DK yarn, so she went up a couple needle sizes) And the size 6s that I knew of were being used…

So I found them, and then thought about what was on them…and decided that I didn’t think it was *that* cute. And I had only knit like…7 inches or something, nothing big.

So I frogged it :-P And then decided what I wanted to do with the yarn! Whee hee!!

Pattern: Textured Shawl Recipe by Orlane
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden
Color: 272
Lot: 1
Needle: 5.5mm (US 9)
Mods: None :-)

So yep :-) Started it Saturday evening, while watching Dr. Who (which…my mom and I have become addicted to, haha. We finished season 1, and are a couple episodes into season 2 :-P) And got a ton of progress done over the past two days :-P

Yaaaaay for bigish needles :-P

On a totally non-related note: I drove all the way home from church yesterday. 45 minutes. I didn’t die. Bam.


Those are probably some of the cutest shoes in the entire world. Plus, they’re comfy. Can’t get much better than that, haha.


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