Quotable Friday!! + Designs…

“Do, or do not do. There is no try.”
~Master Yoda (Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back)

(this quote was actually in one of my SAT books. No joke.)

Let it be known that this is possibly one of the best games ever. EVER. I played it for like an hour yesterday, and it reminded me of certain fun times, that happened. And I kinda was laughing to myself while I was doing some of the dances. Just because some of them reminded me of those certain fun times. And I’m sure I looked uberly weird. Me waving my arms around doing some kind of Russian dance…while laughing.

Yeah, I bet I looked kinda crazy. But that just adds…character to the dance, I guess. Haha :-P

SO, my designing has kind of…started! Probably not the best beginning in the world, but who cares…

Basically, last night I was like… “I really feel like knitting anything right now…I know, I’ll just start something new and design something. Bingo.” So I did!

And this is it so far…

I’m probably going to frog that, and start over…because I think I was missing an important element in the middle…like, I didn’t start the YOs (English translation: Yarn Overs. Something that make little holes that are supposed to be there, haha) when I should have. And I know of a way that most patterns start shawls (this is a shawl, btw :-P) and I didn’t do that…and now it’s not exactly what I want.

So, I’ll probably take it out and start over again. Which is totally fine…I don’t feel bad about it all. Seeing as it’s like..practically nothing, there’s so little there. And it’s my own pattern…well, there actually isn’t even a pattern yet. So…yep :-P

The yarn is Noro Sekku that I got awhile ago….I think I was going to use it for something else, but I decided against that. And went with this :-P It’s Noro! It’s Noro Sekku….how could it turn up badly?

Also, I know that some designers don’t share with people what they’re designing while they design it. But I’m not going to do that…I might in the future. But this is the first one…it should be shared. Seen. Observed. All that stuff :-P

So, if you’ve designed some knitted garments/accessories/whatever and have some helpful tips, I would LOVE to hear them :-D

*kitty kitties*

What I don’t get…is why he tipped the cup of water over *first*…then tried to drink out of the cup.

I do not understand this logic, haha.

SAT tomorrow. >..< O.O Prayers…greatly (greatly greatly) appreciated :-)


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