Someone has the Kitty Kitties…and short hair.

The surprise…will be revealed! Ok, so maybe it’s not quite as amazing as I hyped it up to be. But hey, it was a huge deal for me :-P

So, I got a haircut yesterday. (*everyone gasps* Having a haircut was a big deal?? Yeahhh…no. That’s not it) And this was…before I left. (see below)

For the past..year and a half ish, I’d been growing out my hair. And it had obviously gotten kinda long.

(sidenote: Did you know…that up until I was around 12ish, I had hair past my waist? Yep, it’s true. Then before we moved, I got it cut to a little bit below my shoulders, and donated the rest of it to Locks of Love.)

So yeahhh. It was long. Guess what happened??

All gone! Well, obviously not *completely* all gone :-P I don’t think I’d ever do that… haha.

Never had hair this short before. (haha, I had really long hair as little infant as well.) I’m…loving it soooo much. I’ve felt uberly special, because I’ve gotten a lot of comments that it looks like Rupunzel from Tangled… which is just awesomeness! Cause…I stinking love that movie, haha. It’s sooo amazing. *gets off topic*

It also kinda reminds me of Anne Shirley’s hair, after she tries to dye it a “Beautiful raven black”, and it ends up turning green…then Marilla has to cut it off…

Which I’m also ok with..because like Rupunzel from Tangled, Anne Shirley is amazingly awesome.

Gotta put it up in a bun for ballet later today. Hopefully it won’t cause too many problems :-P

Haha, but that wasn’t too big of a let down :-P Now the secret is out, haha :-P

On a very relevant note…

Bertiebertiebertiebertie boooo. *majorly has the kitty kitties*

if you know what the kitty kitties are….you are awesome..

If you know what the kitty kitties are *AND* you’ve witnessed me getting the kitty kitties….you are even more awesome.

(and even if you don’t know, you’re still awesome :-P)

SAT in two days. *headdesk* *nervous* *WORRIED*


4 thoughts on “Someone has the Kitty Kitties…and short hair.

  1. Jenny says:

    Oooh my goodness! what a great surprise :-D
    You’re hair looks FANTASTIC! :-D

    Hahaha, I have cats too! And I definitely know what the kitty kitties are like :-P

  2. the un-chef says:

    your cat is beautiful! how old is it? we had two cats of our own, but they’re staying at mandi’s parent’s farm until we eventually get a place with a yard :)

  3. Kaley Branstetter says:

    Aaaah, I can totally see the Rapunzel in you. SUCH A GOOD MOVIE.

    And, you’ll do awesomely at the SAT, even though it IS evil. I’m glad somebody else is takin’ it too!!

  4. Mercy Ege says:

    oh my goodness! your hair is sooo cute! :) i lovvvee it! i get the kitty kitties with my cat! oh my goodness hes soo cute!

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