Raffia Serenity

Have I talked about this project before? I don’t remember taking pictures of it…and writing about it. Gathering the information and such.

Well, today…will be the first day.

This is from Rowan Studio 15… and I got it a long time ago. It was actually like…3 weeks ish, before I even got Big Blue…the first time.

So yeah, it’s been a loooong time.

This book thing (they call it a brochure, but it’s more like a mini book..) is absolutely amazing, practically everything in here is so cute.

I’m making Serenity, basically a little cropped cardigan thing. Is that a shrug..? I don’t know.. But anyways, it’s cropped, it closes, it’s got an adorable collar with some fancy edging.

For my yarn, I’m using the suggested yarn, Rowan Summer Tweed in the exact same color. (It’s called Raffia) Yes, that’s a neutral color. Surprised? Maybe a little? Yeah, I was kinda surprised too, haha. I need more neutral colored things…that I make, haha.

Anyways…this kinda has a story behind it. Heh heh.

So, as soon as I got it. I got home, wound the yarn, started it, I was so happy. I knit knit knit. Got the back done…and half the left front.

Then Big Blue came along, and Serenity was put aside until further notice.

Then maybe like…half way through, or almost done with Big Blue the *second* time…I pulled Serenity out again, and decided to work on it a bit.

I knit a long…and then noticed that “Holy cow, this is ending up huge…but I’m following the pattern and it’s all ending up perfectly.”

Then I had a lightbulb moment.

Had I gotten gauge??? Did I think of that???

Nope. So I did…and what do you know…it was totally off.

I thought it was rather amusing, actually. I don’t know why…but I did.

So I frogged all of it, and started over. Now it’s doing so much better. Gauge is spot on, it’s the perfect size. I’m happy.

There’s something so rewarding about working on something…realizing you have a problem…finding that problem, then fixing it…before it’s so far along that it can’t be fixed.

So now I’m going to get down to business…and defeat the Huns! Except not really, because…that wouldn’t work. *awesome Mulan reference* I’ll just get down to business…and finish all my ongoing projects :-P

Haha, anyways :-P I’m excited about it…hopefully it’ll be really cute :-P

Later today something big is happening…majorly big. But it’s still going to be a surprise. Curious? I hope so, haha. It’s been so hard to keep it a secret (though, I had to tell some people :-P)

*gets the kitty kitties* Berrrrrtie, is soooo adorableeeee. Ooh my goodness. Hahaha :-P


One thought on “Raffia Serenity

  1. Jenny says:

    Ooh, good thing you had that experience from big blue to get this project right :-)

    Did they send me daughters, when I asked for sons!? :-p

    Ooh, I love surprises! :-D

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