Soay, Purple Sparkle/Thorntonstorm, and something different

to start off. This book…and all other SAT books…are so evil. SO EVIL. There, now that’s out of the way….

Here’s a sneak peek as to what Soay looks like. 95% finished. Yeah, not much, I know. But hey, it’s a picture of it :-P I’m so happy with how the sleeves turned out. I was kinda worried…because there were a lot of short rows, which I know next to nothing about, for the shaping. But I think I did ok, cause it fits well and it looks like the picture, haha.

Here’s…Purple Sparkle/Thunderstorm/Thorntonstorm

Which is coming along extremely well. There’s something invigorating about knitting with size 13s. It gives the feeling of “AAH. Look how FAST I’m going! Holy cow, I’ll be done with this in no time!”

Which I’m sure it would be long done, if I hadn’t been working on other things :-P

I also…have wanted to do something for a long time. So on…Sunday night..? I started something new. Something I had never made before. I had no clue how it was going to be put together. Noooo clue whatsoever.

Curious, yet?

Ok, that picture probably isn’t that helpful, haha. Still don’t know what it is? Or what *that* is…it basically looks like…a pile of knitting, haha.

Ok, ok, I’ll tell you. I’m knitting myself a pair of shorts. Yes, you heard me right. A pair of shorts. (mine…are longer than the one in the picture on that link.)

Yep. Didn’t think you could knit pants/shorts, did you? It is possible. It’s also possible to knit skirts. Which I actually have a skirt on the needles right now…somewhere. I haven’t knit on forever. I should work on that again….hahahaha :-P

(If you haven’t gotten the idea already, my room is basically stuffed full of things that I either have started, almost finished, or got half way through and just stopped. People who have been to my house can testify. It is true. And I am not ashamed of it, haha)

Did I also mention that tea makes the SAT prep not *quite* as bad as it could be? And cats. They help a whole lot. They make the perfect makeshift kleenex…after working on hard math problems. (Me and math problems in general just don’t get along. We often fight. Sometimes I win, but for the most part…math wins, haha)

Well, both of those things help. A lot.

Gah, I’m going to die this Saturday. >.<

Oh, surprise…tomorrow. It's going to be BIG. Like…uber big.


One thought on “Soay, Purple Sparkle/Thorntonstorm, and something different

  1. Jenny says:

    Purple Sparkle! :-D

    Kitties do make good kleenex ;-)

    You’re going to do so well this saturday, I know it!

    How big?

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