Musical Monday!! + Summer Plans

(there about 30 seconds of talking at beginning, but then the song starts :-P)

All Angels are amazing…sooo stinking amazing. This song always sends shivers down my spine. Their harmonies are just….*bliss*

The school year is (*cough* slowly *cough*) coming to an end. And this summer…is going to be busy and amazingly awesome.

The SAT is this Saturday. I am terrified and worried out of my MIND.

You have no idea how much prepping we’ve been doing for it, haha. I feel like I’ve been doing it since I was 5, or something. I want to burn the various books when I get home. Burn them…and laugh.

So what’s happening this summer? Summit Ministries is happening. In Colorado, end of July and beginning of August. It’s two weeks. and it’s going to be UBER UBER fun.

My only problem with going there…for two weeks. Is what in the world am I going to be bring to knit on? I mean…just the thought of me running out of stuff to knit on while I’m there is HORRIFYING.

So, I’ll have to be coming up with a list of smallish things to work on…that are fairly simple. I’m thinking like socks, shawls, top-down/bottom up cardigans/pullovers. Easy stuff.

Also this summer, I’ll be working on designing stuff. I’m nervous…and excited. Hopefully…it won’t be TOO terribly hard…or confusing.

And hopefully the things I make won’t be ugly. Cause that would be so depressing, haha.

But I already have an idea of the first thing. But it’s going to be kept a secret. Until I actually start working on it, haha.

I’ll also be working on my cooking skills…and sewing skills… so you’ll probably be seeing some of that.

Hopefully this blog will get a makeover. I would absolutely love that…

It’s almost been a year since I started using WordPress.. (HOLY COW. It seems like…forever ago. And also like it was just yesterday that I signed up for it…)

Also, sometime soon…I’m planning on making a list of various knitting podcasts (audio and video) that I’ve been addicted to for the past…month or so. Knitting podcasts = SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME.

Various trips..I’m not sure where, exactly…will be taken. Hopefully yarn stores will be visited :-P

And at the end of the summer, I believe, we will be taking our trip to Europe! I’m SO EXCITED.

But yarn store wise, I’m absolutely clueless. So, if you have any yarn stores that you’d like to recommend in England/Scotland/Ireland/Switzerland…and some other places. Leave me a comment, PM me on Ravelry, @ me on Twitter…or whatever :-P

And there’ll be other things as well, going on this summer. But…1) I forgot…(haha :-P) and 2) the post would be uberly long, haha :-P

Bertie is having a good Monday so far…that’s where he’s been all morning, haha.

Are you having a good Monday?

P.S. Soay is about…95% finished! All it needs is buttons…which I still need to locate/buy. And there are a couple ends that need to be woven in. So, once that happens…(which should be soon!) I’ll post pictures. And it’ll be another FO I can add to my list :-P


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