Quotable Friday!! + Soay + Emma <3

“Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.”
Elizabeth Zimmermann

Elizabeth Zimmermann was extremely brilliant…and realllly influential in the whole knitting world. Like a lot. A lot a lot.

Soay is coming along amazingly well, like I said yesterday. I finished the back, and did the three-needle bind-off to join the fronts and the back. And I didn’t actually need to re-look up how to do it, once I got started…I remembered what I had to do :-P Yessssss.

Now all that’s left are the two sleeves…and the button band! And blocking, which I’m not…absolutely sure how to do…yet. But I’ll ask/look around…and see if I can find any good tips :-P

Haha, if you have any tips for blocking a cardigan that’s already put together…I’d love to hear from you :-D

So…I got this yarn on…Saturday, when we went to Yarntopia So I’ve had it for awhile. Well, almost a week.

And I cannot waaaaait to use it! It’s 100% organic linen, I believe. I’ll be making Emma with this… *loves the color* *loves the yarn* *loves the pattern* *LOVES IT ALL*

It’s such a pretty purple…but then again, I’m probably biased, because I adore all purples. (except some…but we don’t have to go there now, haha)

But because I’m almost done with Soay AND I finished Elmo Fuzz…I think I should get to start Emma when I’m done with Soay :-P

Well….after I finish Thunderstorm/Thorntonstorm. (Yes, I’m seriously considering calling it “Thorntonstorm”, hahahaha :-P) Which shouldn’t take too long..cause I mean…it is…size 13 needles :-P

Either way, whatever I do…I’ll have fun and it’ll be awesome :-P Just sayin’, haha :-P

Bertie thinks that you should have an amazingly awesome Friday :-P

Did anyone actually stay up to watch the Royal Wedding last night? Er, this morning, I guess, haha :-P I saw a bunch of people on Facebook and Twitter saying that they did, and loved it.

My parents and I will be watching it this evening, since we recorded it.

Perfect time to sit, knit, and drink tea, I think :-P


3 thoughts on “Quotable Friday!! + Soay + Emma <3

  1. Kaley Branstetter says:

    Beaaautiful yarn! That’s pretty much my favorite color :)

    and, my mom and I woke up at 5 and watched the wedding!! It was gorgeous <3

  2. Samantha Senne says:

    I’m Shaina Senne’s sister…I saw her looking at your amazing blog and *sigh* I wish I could knit like that. Gorgeous yarn, and I love the pattern! It’s soo beautiful!

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