Soay, how I love thee…

Sooooay…it’s coming along extremely well, haha :-P

I am actually almost done with the back…then there’s the shaping, short rows, and then attaching the two shoulders to the back shoulders with the three-needle bind-off, I believe. Which I haven’t done in awhile so, I’ll get to head on over to YouTube for knitting tutorials :-P Oh, how I love that place, haha.

But yeah, it’s knitting up so beautifully. The pattern was a little confusing at times…but that was probably because it was late, and I wasn’t thinking correctly, haha. I just had to focus…and read through..and translate what it was telling me to do, haha. And it turned out fine :-P

Is Jeeves cute or WHAT? Though, definitely not as cute as Bertie :-P Cause Bertie is the cutest cat in the entire world. End of story, haha.

But major major props to Emily, the amazing drawing person, who took that picture while she was here. Such awesomeness :-P


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