Soay’s Movin’ Forward

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on Soay, hasn’t it?

Well, maybe like…a week and a couple days. Or something like that. But anyways, I’m working on it again :-P

And today during Great Books (and other various subjects of school :-P) I finished the lace pattern on the front!

Sad thing is that the fun part is over, and now it’s time for the part that’ll stretch on for forever, haha.

But I’m almost 100% positive that the FO will be totally worth the many inches of just plain stockinette stitch, haha.

Another fiber-related note…(and it’s not a knote, because…it’s not knitting, haha.)

I’ve been working on this on and off for the past couple of days. I’ll be sitting somewhere and decide to work on a little bit, then put it down to work on Soay, or whatever else…(seeing as there’s so much else that I have to work on :-P)

But it’s steadily growing bigger and bigger ever day :-P Since it’s getting bigger it means that it takes an uber long time to get around just once..but once again, it’ll be totally worth it in the end :-P

I need a name for this one as well…cause “The Granny Square Blanket” is…not very original, haha.

I was kinda thinking calling it “House”…(yes, House. Don’t judge, haha) because I work on it most…when I watch House, haha.

It’s the perfect project for that, because…since I absolutely hate…gross, bloody stuff like that…and I have to always watch my hands when crocheting, it gives me a reason…and most of the time causes me to miss it. So I don’t even know what’s happening, haha. Whether someone is getting an LP (Lumbar Puncture. Holy cow, I hate those…) or their brain is getting operated on, and they show the brain. *squeamish*

There was another episode that includes a tapeworm. But I really don’t want to remember that…*cringes* Let’s just say it was rather disturbing.. O.o haha

but anyways! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see those pictures of the blanket? Let me know :-P

I’m uberly excited about both these…they’re going to be so awesome :-P


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