Easter Dress, polka dots, and kitties…

Do pardon me, this will be more of a…fashion ish type post, rather than knitting. But Joey oh-so kindly took pictures of my Easter dress (which I adore) with Bertie.

I *had* to post some of them, haha.

This is Bertie’s “Parrot pose”. It makes it really easy to carry around his…heavy mass, haha.

But the dress is from ModCloth, which I am now a HUGE fan.

Polka dots, I mean…come on…can it get better than that? Too cute. Just too stinking cute. (My hair was extremely kind to me on Easter, and decided to cooperate. Yesssss :-P)

Another thing I love about this dress, is the ability to twirl and such, haha. I remember when I was younger, at church, my friends and I would always have a contest to see who’s dress would twirl the biggest. There was “saucer”, “teacup”, and…”vase”, I think, as the terms of judging, haha. If you had a saucer dress, you were cool. Really cool.

This dress may not be a saucer dress, but it’s at least a teacup. So yeah, the wind was blowing in the picture above, and caused the skirt to fill out. (*poof*)

Even though you can’t see my shoes…I was wearing my mom’s black Tom Wedges. Which are probably the most comfortable heel I’ve ever worn, haha. They’re adorable, comfortable…so awesome, haha.

As a side note, did I mention how much I love my cat? Bertie is the best. EVER. Just sayin’ :-P

Hope that wasn’t too tedious, haha. I had to post them :-P


5 thoughts on “Easter Dress, polka dots, and kitties…

  1. Hannah says:

    1)your dress is just too stinking cute! I LOVE it!
    2)you’re just too stinking cute too ;)
    3)oh ma goodness! we had twirling contests too when I was little! It must be a girl thing :P

    and yeah, that’s it

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