Musical Monday!! + Un-named Project :-P

(Sidenote: I know that..due to copyrights and stuff, it probably won’t play *here*…but you can click on it, or Click Here to go to YouTube)

This is from the movie Miss Potter….and I had heard it before, when I saw the movie…but totally forgot about it (and the movie, haha). But an amazingly awesome friend sent it to me, and reminded me how extremely awesome it really was. Hello amazingly awesome friend who sent this to me :-P

We went to Yarntopia on Saturday afternoon. Was I sad about this at all? *scoffs* Could I EVER be sad about going to a yarn store? Yarntopia, especially? I think NOT. The idea is just a silly one, haha.

They had these kits. Amazing kits. Amazingly awesome kits.

It came in this cute bag with the pattern on a little card, and everything.

I’ve actually never knit with a kit before…not that it’d be that much different than picking everything out myself. But it’s cool knowing that all the colors already go together..not having to worry about it not going together.

I guess that’s a fear I have about picking out multiple colors for a project…I’m terrified that the colors won’t go together, and it’ll either end up looking like some ugly clown…thing, because the colors are so crazy. Or…I’ll hate it, and never wear it.

Which most likely…actually, I know it’s both.

Haha, I guess I haven’t really said what it was, have I? It’s going to be this big shawl/wrap type thing. Dimensions are…20 x 72, I believe. So it’ll be pretty big, which it’s really awesome.

Instead of going width ways and knitting for 72 inches, it’s going length ways. So…it’s knit from side to side…does that make sense? Haha, you cast on 150 stitches and knit maybe around..30-40 rows, depending on how big you want it. But because it’s knit length wise, it won’t take hardly any time at all. Which is just what I need….a project that I’ll finish within like half a week of me getting it :-P It’ll make me feel really good about myself, haha.

Also, the BEST thing about it? Besides it being a kit, the yarns being amazingly awesome/fun/soft, and it’s going to be big?

It’s knit on size 13 needles. *bliss*

The only problem with Spring/Summer knitting, is that because it’s usually light stuff, the needles are sooo small. Like..6s and down.

Soooo…knitting with something that thicker than my pinky, it extremely exciting…and refreshing, haha.

But anyways, this project needs a name… But I has no ideas! Obviously, the colors are…purples, black, grey, blue-y purple…

I’m thinking something like Thunderstorm, or something…haha :-P What do you think?


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