FO: Elmo Fuzz!!

Happy Easter, everyone! Let us celebrate Christ’s resurrection :-)

*drumroll please* This is…Elmo Fuzz!

*is proud* I finished something!!

Can you say awesome summer cardigan?

I’ll definitely get a lot of good use out of this!

I followed the pattern pretty closely… I added extra shaping in the back…because I wanted mine to be more fitted than the picture in the book…and I could see from my mom’s (she made one too, in a peachy color..) that it was a little…floppy?

But when I did the shaping, I just did the decrease row a totally of like…8 times.

Also changed the sleeves. They’re a little longer than elbow-length in the pattern, and they’re belled. Which, belled sleeves look ok on some people…but I’m not one of those people. It also depends on the project…but yep :-P

I also know that it says that you’re not supposed to close it…but I love it both ways. So..who cares what the pattern says as to how you’re supposed to wear it :-P

I’m so happy with it :-P Sprout = one of my new favorite yarns.

I, uh, got more yarn. Pictures will be coming :-)

I also have an interesting idea, and I want your opinions. That’ll also be coming soon :-)

Happy Easter, hope yours was amazing :-)

(Quite sidenote: Thanks to Joey, who took the pictures. Do I have one of the best brothers ever? I’m thinking a yes.)


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