Chocolate Grace

…what? Yeah, Chocolate Grace(You’ll have to scroll down a little bit to see it :-P). Which, I totally approve of the name, haha. What is…Chocolate Grace. Well, it’s this…

It’s basically brownies, chocolate pudding, more brownies, cool whip, and heath bar. In that order, haha.

My madre found this on the site Femina Girls..along with several other recipes (like…Strawberry Soup…it’s SO AMAZING. Who would have thought??) and we decided to make it :-P

As much as I love brownies, chocolate pudding, more brownies, and cool whip mixed together….I think my most favorite part was the heath bar on top. Don’t judge :-P

I think I hadn’t really…fully grasped the amazingness of heath bar just by itself. Cause it’s amazing.

Needless to say, it was AMAZING. And if you love chocolate, brownies, pudding, cool whip, or heath bar…this is most definitely the desert for you.

Thinking about it, it’d probably be amazing with like…crushed Butterfinger on top instead of the Heath Bar. Oooo, that sounds gooooood…I might have to make another one to try that out :-P


One thought on “Chocolate Grace

  1. Emily Hayashida says:

    Oo, I remember your mom pointing this recipe out and planning on making it. And… you made it. It looks amazing, but it would have been even more amazing if made a week ago :P


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